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When you visit the Museum we ask you to follow our procedures:

The Lincolne Letters – Book Launch

At the Museum in 2021, these displays will be available until 13 November.

Featured Displays

The Murder of Ebenezer Tye – Final year

Death of a Kennedy – Joseph Patrick Kennedy Jr: 1915-1944 – Final year
The Lost Prince: Much has been written about the assassination of President John F (Jack) Kennedy, but the death of his older brother, Joseph Kennedy Junior, has a direct connection with East Anglia. Joseph (Joe) Junior was born in 1915 in Massachusetts USA and met his death 29 years later in the skies over Suffolk.

Georgian and Early Victorian Halesworth –Delayed
What was life like in those times in this little town? Illuminated by fascinating correspondence between members of the Lincolne family, this exhibition will shed light on the preoccupations of the day, from churchgoing to the coronation of Queen Victoria.

Permanent Displays

Investigating some of the geological aspects of the locality. Glacial erratics, dinosaur fossils and the Chediston Stones.

The de Argenteins, Lords of Halesworth Manor
The life and times of the de Argentein family, including the main characters, artefacts from the period and an explanation of the Ancient House carvings.

Ancient House Display Board
An intriguing interpretation of the carvings on this building

We have published “The de Argentein Family; Cup-bearers to Medieval Kings” by David Wollwebber, the de Argenteins were Lords of Halesworth Manor in the medieval period. Priced at £10, copies can be purchased at the Mueum or at the Halesworth Bookshop.

The Wissett Hoards
An internationally significant find of palstave axeheads, spear heads and parts of a sabre. Dating back 3,500 years, these items were purchased from the British Museum and are shown less than two miles from where they were found.

We need more Friends!

The Friends of the Halesworth and District Museum have provided help to our Museum over many years with support in the form of ideas, practical effort and resources. Membership of the Friends runs from April to March. To download an application form click on this link. Friends-application-2021-22

Quick Information
Halesworth Museum – Opening Times

We are opening the Museum for two more afternoons this summer, making our opening hours longer than ever before. The extra afternoons will be Fridays and Saturdays.

The opening hours are:

    • Mondays                   Closed
    • Tuesdays                   10:00am to 12:30pm
    • Wednesdays             10:00am to 4:00pm
    • Thursdays                 10:00am to 12:30pm
    • Fridays                       10:00am to 4:00pm
    • Saturdays                  10:00am to 4:00pm
    • Sundays                     Closed

This year the Winter Closure will be between 13 November 2021 to March 2022. This is a longer winter closing time than usual due to major building work caused by the extension of the Museum in the Railway Station. At the moment we have not fixed on the exact dates of closure and opening.

We will be having an exciting opening in March.

However, if you want to visit the Museum during this time, do email and, as long as we have a volunteer available, you will be able to visit us.

More information Information for Visitors

When you visit Halesworth make sure you visit the Museum, housed in our Victorian Railway Station. For more than twenty years volunteers have been collecting and researching the history and archaeology of this fascinating corner of Suffolk. Spend some time with the displays which will take you across 10,000 years, from the earliest settlers in the Blyth Valley to the busy hub of malting, brewing and agriculture which was the town in Victorian times.

In the lobby there is a special emphasis on the railway, with its unique moveable platforms. Come and see how they worked and learn about the history of the two historic railway lines in Halesworth.

From the lobby entre the museum through the door with Waiting Room above it. (don’t be confused by the small office, this is the local community bus office and is often full of drivers!).

Once in the museum you will see a sign to the Study Room, where there is research material for anyone interested in exploring local social or family history in the area, collections of historical photographs and much more for you to peruse at your leisure.

There are activity trays for the young and reminiscence boxes available for loan for the not so young. Groups are welcome by appointment and the Museum is keen to take its wares out into the community.

After you visit us, go the The Cut to see:

In 2015, New Cut Arts (the charity which runs The Cut) formed a partnership with the Halesworth & District Museum with the intention of bringing this industrial heritage back into public consciousness: re-presenting the MALT Story through the combination of historical research and creative thinking that has become the Trail & Experience.

Note . . . . .
If you are planning to visit the Museum for a specific purpose, for example to research your family history, it will be best to contact us first to ensure that the best volunteer is available.

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The defined collection area of the Museum is the town of Halesworth and the villages and hamlets of its hinterland that have historically looked towards Halesworth as the nearest market town; the villages and hamlets being:

CookleyHenhamHoltonHuntingfieldLinstead Magna
Linstead ParvaRumburghSothertonSpexhallThorington