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  • Hot pants become fashionable
  • IBM launch the first (8-inch) floppy disk
  • Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) invented
  • Sony launches first Video Cassette Recorder (VCR)
A 500 acre turkey farm in Holton, started by the Le Grys brothers, becomes part of an American food group

Jan 71

10th: First TV programmes for the Open University

Feb 71

5th: First soldier killed on active service in N Ireland Halesworth Social Club is given a modern revamping

Mar 71

Women’s Lib march from Hyde Park to Downing Street: 4,000 people march 13th: A meeting at the Rifle Hall discusses the issue of whether Halesworth should remain within Suffolk or be transferred to Norfolk on local government reorganisation.

Apr 71

May 71

Halesworth Urban District Council elections. Dr William Pagan tops the poll with 906 votes. 

Halesworth W.I. Celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Jun 71

Protest at ending of free school milk The Halesworth Launderette opens, the first in the town. 

Announcement that sufficient funds have now been raised by the Community Council to build a town swimming pool.

July 71

Aug 71

6th: Industrial Relations Act – Unions to be registered; pre-strike ballot; cooling-off periods 

9th: Internment without trial introduced in N Ireland

Sept 71

Oct 71

28th: Commons and Lord vote in favour of joining the EEC

Nov 71

Application submitted to East Suffolk County Council for provision of a relief road and the partial demolition of Hooker House 

25th: death of James William Newby

Dec 71


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