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  • Sinclair Radionics puts on sale at £70 a pocket calculator with a microchip
  • Linda Lovelace’s film Deep Throat released
  • Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather relaeased
  • Richard Adam’s Watership Down published
  • The invention of polyurethane wheels for skateboards sparks off a craze which continues throughout the decade.
New Town Park is completed.B.B. Ellis closes his long-established bakery business in London Road and is succeeded by Bassetts restaurant.H. W. King, car dealer, opens for business in Quay St., Halesworth.


Highfield Meadow in London Road cleared of trees ready for housing development.


East Suffolk County Council places Halesworth Ring Road as the highest priority in it 5-year Road Plan.

Jan 72

9Th: Miners’ Strike begins22nd: Edward Heath signs accession treaty to EEC 

30th Bloody Sunday in Londonderry

Feb 72

15th: 1.5m workers laid off because of power cuts caused by fuel shortage28th: Miners return to work after govt. concedes pay and working conditions improvements

Mar 72

24th: Direct rule from Westminster imposed on N Ireland

Apr 72

30th: Rev. A. W. Howard instituted as Vicar of Halesworth with Linstead and Chediston

May 72

13th Halesworth Swimming Pool opens for the first time.20th A tree-planting ceremony launches the creation of the new park 

Dutch Firemen visit Halesworth on the first leg of an exchange visit between firemen from Hilversum and the Halesworth Brigade

Jun 72

3rd: Judy Grinham opens the Open-Air Swimming PoolBernard Ellis retires from his bakery business in London Road after 25 years. The business is taken over by Stewart Bassett, a Londoner.

July 72

Aug 72

4th: Pres. Amin of Uganda orders expulsion of 40,000 British Commonwealth Asians 9th: Jesus Christ Superstar opens at Palace Theatre

Sept 72

5th: 11 Israeli athletes killed at XXth Olympiad in Munich 

17th: Ugandian Asians begin to arrive in Britain

27th: Halesworth Playing Fields Association receives an enquiry from a private developer about the release of the playing fields for development

Estimated attendance at the swimming pool for its first season: 53,615 made up of 5,216 adults, 13,289 children, 3,670 spectators and 9,600 school pupils


Halesworth UDC offers two council houses as temporary accommodation for Ugandan Asian refugees.


Oct 72

Nov 72

10th: Last episode of The Clangers broadcast, having started 16th Nov. 1969.

Dec 72