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  • E.F. Schumacher’s ‘Small is Beautiful’ published
  • Release of the first Bic disposable lighter
? (or possibly 1974) M.R. King takes over the motor business of Flemings in Quay Street, demolishing a row of cottages to make way for a row of petrol pumps.

Jan 73

1st: Britain joints the EEC 

27th: Ceasefire in Vietnam agreed. US tropus to be withdrawn in 60 days

Feb 73

16th: Joseph and his AmazingTechnicolour Dream Coat opens at the Albery Theatre

Mar 73

Apr 73

1st: VAT introduced Lt Col M R Tomkin of Wissett elected as County Councillor for the Halesworth Division

May 73

19th: RN frigates give protection to British fishermen off Iceland

Jun 73

Alan Ayckbourn’s The Norman Conquests opens in Scarborough 22nd: East Suffolk Sports Association holds its annual gala in the new Halesworth Swimming Pool 

Halesworth Brownies celebrate their 25th anniversary


July 73

11th: Halesworth and District Swimming Club formed at a meeting in the Town Hall.

Aug 73

Sept 73

Oct 73

8th: First commercial broadcasting station, LBC, begins service

Nov 73

12th: Miners impose overtime ban; production drastically cut

Dec 73

5th: 50 m.p.h. Speed limit introduced to reduce fuel consumption 

13th: Heath announces 3-day week from 31st Dec


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