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  • The Post-It note invented
  • Beryl Bainbridge;s The Bottle Factory Outing published
Halesworth UDC abolished. Waveney D C comes into being.Micropress founded in premises in the Thoroughfare by Mike Cross and partners Raymond Rose, Raymond Cook and George Bidnall.

Halesworth Area School becomes Halesworth Middle School.


Jan 74

14th : Talks over coal dispute break down

Feb 74

10th: Total miners’ strike begins.17th: Harold Wilson concludes ‘social contract’ with union leaders

28th: General election. No overall majority

Mar 74

Heath resigns. Wilson forms Labour govt.

Apr 74

25th:  The first meeting of the newly created Halesworth Town Council.

May 74

11th: Miners’ strike ends with acceptance of pay offer; normal working week resumed.

Jun 74

1st: 29 killed in Flixborough chemical explosion

July 74

Trend Ltd apply to build 42 flats and garages on the site of the Old Maltings.Michael Sharpley & Partners, insurance brokers, open premises at 14a Thoroughfare.2

7th: The Chateaubriand Restaurant, built by E. G. Woolnough, opens in Norwich Road.

Aug 74

8th President Nixon resigns in wake of Watergate revelations 11th: A three-week Tent Crusade by Victor Jack, County Evangelist, opens in Walpole Road31st: Beech House fete opened by comedian and Golden Shot host, Charlie Williams.

Sept 74

Application made by Dencorn Securities to build 9 single-bed flats, 3 two-bed bungalows and 10 three-bed houses on the Wissett Road/Mill Road site.

Oct 74

5th: 5 killed in IRA bombing of Guildford pub10th General Election give Labour a majority of three Closure of Bramfield Road Post Office. 

Nov 74

4th: Sub-Committee of the Town Council set up to look into possibilities for a day centre for the elderly.

Dec 74