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  • Malcolm Bradbury’s The History Man published
  • The first digital camera invented by Kodak Eastman
  • Jaws released

Jan 75

Outline planning permission granted for 18 houses on the north side of Old Station Road.

Feb 75

Margaret Thatcher wins Conservative leadership election The Hemel Hempstead Property Co. applies to build 62 houses comprising 24 3-bedroom houses; 26 2-bed houses; and 13 2-bedroom flats to the north-east of the Railway Station.

Mar 75

3rd A meeting held to discuss change of use of the Old Court House, London Road to accommodate an Old People’s Day Centre, Waveney District office and the Town Clerk.

Apr 75

4th: First episode of The Good Life aired

May 75

Jun 75

5th Referendum on membership of EEC – 17m for, 8m against Alan Ayckbourn’s Bedroom Farce performed in Scarborough

21st: 1st one-day cricket World Cup won by W Indies

Morton Knight Ltd, sportswear manufacturers, based inn Station Yard, join the UK Sports Group of Colgate Palmolive

July 75

Aug 75

Sept 75

Oct 75

Andrews Engineering begin making components of Sinclair pocket calculatorsBy this month, 191 dwelling had been constructed on Dukes Drive, Princes Green, Queens Drive, Queens Close, Walpole Road and Barons Close: 78 three-bed houses, 4 three-bed bungalows and 109 two-bed bungalows.

Nov 75

3rd The Queen inaugurates flow of North-Sea oil12th Sex Discrimination Acts come into force

Dec 75

Work starts on the building of 52 flats on the Old Maltings site in Quay Street.


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