Men of Halesworth who Lost Their Lives in the Great War – Index

On coming to live in Halesworth in 2000 and having been a proud and long serving member of the Territorial Army, my wife and I attended our first Remembrance Day service at the town’s war memorial.  During the service the names of the fallen were read out with due reverence, but with little detail other than their initial and surname.  This then led me into thinking of the man or boy behind the name.  To this end over a number of years, with the help of my wife Sue and Committee members of the Halesworth and DistrictMuseum I have endeavoured, if possible, to put a face and a story to those who had left our community to fight and die in the most costly war, in the loss of human life, our country has ever fought.  To those whose names are carved in stone, this is their story.

Alan Clapson T.D.