The Greyhound, St Margaret’s Ilketshall

Chronology and Publicans

From To Fore name Surname Title Ref Notes
1844 Henry Collings Whites Horsebreaker & Vict.
1845 Ipswich Journal June 1845 (Camra) To be sold by auction by instructions of the administrator of the late Robert Butcher Esq.,deceased, the free public house called the Greyhound, St Margaret in Ilketshall, nowin the tenure of James Ling
1851 Stephen Baldry Census Innkeeper, age 46 born St Peter, Suffolk
1855 Samuel Smith Whites
1860 John Jex Ipswich Journal Nov 1860 (Camra) John Jex, lately of Starston, farm bailiff, applied for leave to hold the license of the Greyhound Inn at Ilketshall St Margaret
1861 John Jex Census Publican & Agricultural Labourer, age 51, born St Andrews + wife Maria
1865 Henry Codling Junr. Kellys (Camra) Greyhound
1869 William Thain Kellys (Camra) Greyhound
1871 William Thain Census Blacksmith, Greyhound Inn age 25, St Margaret South Elmham + wife Susanah
1874 George Blowers Whites (Camra) & Blacksmith
1879 George Blowers Kellys (Camra) & Blacksmith
1881 George Blowers Census Innkeeper & Blacksmith Master, age 32, Born Halesworth + wife Harriet
1888 George Blowers Kellys (Camra) & Blacksmith
1891 George Blowers Census General Smith & Innkeeper, Greyhound, age 42, born Halesworth + wife Harriet
1891 1892 George Blowers Whites (Camra) Greyhound Vict. & Blacksmith
1892 George Blowers Kellys (Camra)
1896 George Blowers Kellys & Blacksmith
1900 George Blowers Kellys & Blacksmith
1901 George Blowers Census Blacksmith & Publican, age 51, born Halesworth + wife Harriet
1908 George Blowers Kellys Greyhound PH & Blacksmith
1910 George Blowers Rate List (Camra) Owner at the time Colchester Brewery, Halesworth
1911 George Blowers Census Innkeeper, Greyhound Inn & Blacksmith, age 61, born Halesworth + wife Harriet
1912 George Blowers Kellys (Camra)
1916 George Blowers Kellys (Camra)
1922 George Blowers Kellys Greyhound PH
1925 George Blowers Kellys Greyhound PH
1937 George Blowers Kellys Greyhound PH
1951 to 1957 Camra Greyhound PH closed

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