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We have a small range of local interest books, many researched and published by the Museum.

Newly Published

streetnames“Halesworth Street Names and Places” by Derek Newby
£7.99 plus P&P

With over 112 pages, illustrated with over sixty historical and modern images, the book has taken well over two years to compile, but a lifetime of memories have gone into it. Derek was eager to produce more than just a reference book.  Why would you once have found a heavy metal chain with a large tin disc hanging round the Market Square pump? Who had a telephone exchange in their front room and where? Who first introduced milk bottles to Halesworth? The answers are all in the book.
Follow this link for more information

Halesworth Railway Station
A Brief History with Recollections

Halesworth Railway Station Book web£4.75 plus p&p.

Halesworth Fridge Magnet

Halesworth Fridge Magnet webIn the style of a British Railways station totem sign.
£2.95 plus p&p.

Halesworth in the Seventies
‘Getting it together’
by Vic Gray

halesworth in the seventies web

£6.00 plus p&p

Fred Johnson’s Halesworth
edited by Vic Gray

fredjohnstonsmallA selection of photographs by the town’s forgotten Victorian photographer, Fred Johnson. He has just been rediscovered through the generous help of Mrs Ivy Limmer, formerly of Quay Street and now of Beccles.
£9.99 plus p&p

Halesworth Quay and the Blyth Navigation
Michael Fordham

Halesworth Quay and the Blyth Navigation was published just before Christmas 2011 and the first edition sold out. Now republished for a third time.

£5 plus p&p

The Sole Bay Railway
Catherine Pearson

sole-bay-railway-book-cover£5 plus p&p

ESTA – The First 50 years

esta first 20 years web£4.95 plus p&p

Keeping an Eye on Halesworth
Ryan Lower

Keeping an Eye in Halesworth small£8 plus p&p

The People of a Suffolk Town
Michael and Sheila Gooch

The People of a Suffolk Town

Michael and Sheila Gooch’s wide-ranging research sheds light on generations of Halesworth’s most prominent men and women: medieval physicians and schoolmasters, 18th-century clerics and attorneys, watchmakers and ironfounders. There are men of national importance, such as the botanical Hookers, father and son, and George Lansbury, one of the leading lights of the early Labour Party.
£6 plus p&p

The Century I Saw
Donald Newby

The Century I Saw Newby

£2 plus p&p

Take your Marks
Neil Howell

Neil was a well known teacher in Halesworth, having a career spanning over 33 years, mainly in Physical Education.
After retiring from teaching sport he returned to competitive swimming after a break of 40 years.
£ 6.95 plus p&p

Seven Centuries on Middleton Moor, Suffolk
Janet Barnes

Sold out now, there is a copy in our library.

Seven Centuries on Middleton Moor, Suffolk by Janet Barnes
Seven Centuries on Middleton Moor, Suffolk by Janet Barnes

Middleton Moor comprises some seven and a half acres of common land in the parish of Middleton cum Fordley, Suffolk.To the best of my knowledge this is the only common land surviving in Suffolk now referred to as a moor. Pp.136, 8 pages of black & white photographs + 10 figure illustrations, and occasional pen and ink drawings by Reg F.Barker of Needham Market.
Sold out now, there is a copy in our library.

Post and Packaging

As a guide, UK P&P is £2 for one or two books. This may varry according to the weight and size of the books. Email us to get an exact price for P&P.