Past Exhibitions

The Blyth Navigation

A special display to mark the 250th anniversary of the opening of the Blyth Navigation in 1761.Built, ‘for the Convenience and Benefit of the Inhabitants … and to the Advantage of the Publick’, this largely forgotten canal once connected Halesworth to the sea at Southwold, carrying the town’s produce and manufactures out to the world at large, in days when roads were still slow and difficult for much of the year. The display includes a specially constructed model of Halesworth Quay.

Model of the Halesworth Quay c1841

The history of butcher’s shops in Halesworth

This display reveals some fascinating facts about the butchery trade in Halesworth which curator, Mike Fordham, has succeeded in tracing back over six hundred years, revealing just how important it was to the town and its surrounding area.

The town’s two surviving butcher’s shops have proved to have surprisingly long histories. Palmer’s in the Thoroughfare has been used as a butcher’s shop without a break since at least 1820 while Allen’s, in the Market Place, may actually be on a site occupied in 1380 by Robert Barron of Sotterley, a butcher.

G. A. Woods, butcher, 1 Thoroughfare, 1916