Picture Display – Spring 2014

Halesworth & District Museum

Picture Display

Pictures 1


We have a number of photographs, prints and pictures in our store. This spring we are showing them in the room we hope to be our stu

dy room.

1. ‘Great Eastern Railway. Pension Supplemental Fund. Certificate for Mr Ernest William Dack’
Framed certificate. Dated 1 March 1914
Designed by W. Lucas, GER Carriage Dept, Stratford. Printed at the Company’s Works, Stratford

2. ‘Testimonial written for Mr Charles Etheridge Postman for 30 years for Blythburgh and Bulcamp’ circa 1920-1939.
Framed hand-written calligraphy on paper. 555 x 391mm.

The testimonial reads: ‘Mr Charles Etheridge/ We the inhabitants of Blythburgh and Bulcamp/ beg your acceptance of/ A purse with its contents/ As a token of goodwill and our appreciation/ of the obliging and most satisfactory manner you/ have, for the past 30 years, fulfilled your duties as / our postman. Then follows a list of over ten residents names in four columns, including police and staff at Bulcamp Workhouse and servants at The White House, Bulcamp.

3. ‘Bramfield Village 1897’
Framed oil painting by Annie Southgate, sent from E. Southgate to Agnes.

4. ‘People outside Roundhouse, Halesworth’ circa 1900
Framed, mounted sepia photographic print. 145 x 105mm

The Roundhouse was situated at the junction of the footpaths to Chediston Hall, Fenn Farm and Mill Road, Halesworth. Written on back is Harny Thomas Etheridge

5. ‘Champions of the Halesworth & District League Season 1910-11’
Framed, mounted sepia photographic print. 270 x 380mm. Edwardian

In front of the group of men, who are not in football kit, on a board, is printed, ‘Champions Halesworth and District League Season 1910-11’, and, to the right of the board, ‘Halesworth Town F.C. 1910-11’.

6. ‘Suffolk County Football Assoc Junior Cup Won by Halesworth’  1906
Framed, mounted black and white photographic print.

Ornate wooden frame with wallpaper backing; written on the wallpaper in biro is: ‘Jack Drake 28 A.J.W.’ and names.

Back row: 1. unidentified    2. M. Welton              3. Herbert Drake       4. George Atoe
Middle row: 1. Jim Hatherly                        2. Josh Spore           4. ? Bacton    5. unidentified
Front row: 1. 2. unidentified                       3. Dan ?         4. unidentified          5. ? Bacon

7. ‘Halesworth Ringers Anniversary 1862’
Framed sepia protographic print. 195 x 260mm. Victorian
St Mary’s Church bellringers.
C. Cowles  C. Linsdale  H. Hopson  Jas Howard  J. Fosdike
Back row: W. Stock  Rev J.J. Willmott  A. E. Smith  R. Baker  B. Spilling  R. Howard
G. Miles  H. Stimpson  R. Spalding
Middle row: E. Easter  R. B. Stannard  R. Jarmy
Front row: C. Kerrison  E. Easter  T. Jarmy  W. Chilvers  H. Barber  ?. Chandler

Pictures 1

8. ‘Halesworth Malsters XI 1912’
Framed photographic print. 215 x 266mm.  Edwardian

Football team with cup; thirteen men in trousers and jackets in front of a hut. The cup shown, which is in the Museum collection, was played for every Good Friday until 1914 between teams of brewers and malsters. It was left with the sister of one of the players when he went to serve in the war. It is likely that most of these men served and that few came back.
Photographer: R. Page

9. ‘River at Halesworth, Suffolk’ by Douglas Chandor 1918
Framed mounted pen and ink and pencil drawing.
View near Halesworth looking across valley with river bridge (possibly at Mells).
Douglas Chandor, portrait painter, Sloane Square, London

10. ‘River at Halesworth, Suffolk’ by Douglas Chandor 1918
Framed mounted pen and ink and pencil drawing.
View near Halesworth looking across river with cottages to right.
Douglas Chandor, portrait painter, Sloane Square, London

11. ‘Wenhaston Lock: River Blyth’  1906
Framed, mounted sepia photographic print. 295 x 365mm. Victorian
Shows men in boats (Lambert) examining the lock near Waterloo Farm, Wenhaston, with the last wherry, Star of Halesworth, close by. Although navigation ceased in the 1880s, sections could still be used for boating until World War One.
See the Museum publication: Halesworth Navigation

12. ‘Coronation of King Edward VII: Celebration Dinner at Halesworth’
Framed, mounted sepia photographic print. 300 x 375mm. Edwardian.
Men, women and children seated outdoors, with trees in the background, and being served by maids.
August 9th 1902

13. ‘Holton Hall’
Framed, mounted water colour painting.

14. ‘Halesworth Football Team’  circa 1910
Framed, mounted photographic print. 230mm x 270mm. Edwardian.
Team shown in shirts and shorts
Photographer: J.S. Waddell, Hayling Studio, Leiston
On the backboard is written, Winnie Hulbert, Loampit Lane

15. ‘Goodwin’s Toy Emporium, Halesworth’ 1939
Framed, mounted b/w photographic print. 155mm x 185mm. Inter-war 1929-39.
Signed, printed bottom left: Leyneck, Beccles (A Leyneck, photographer. 31 Station Road).

Interior of shop in the Thoroughfare showing dolls, model railway and other toys displayed by the window. The train ran on direct current and fused the lights in the Thoroughfare on several occasions. The shop is now a shoe shop.

16. ‘Crescent House Fire: night of 4th & 5th June 1899’
Framed, mounted photographic print. 195mm x 155mm. Victirian.

A scene of the church and churchyard showing the destruction of the fire to Crescent Cottage, Halesworth. It belonged to Walter J. Everett, chemist and photographer, who took over from Fred Johnson, also a chemist and photographer, a selection of whose photographs are published  by the Museum in the book, Fred Johnson’s Halesworth. The war memorial now stands in the place of Crescent Cottage.

17. ‘Halesworth YMBC Football Club 1911-1912 Season’
Framed photographic print. 280mm x 370mm.
Leiston and District League, Division 1.
Back row: 1. Rev. Picton (killed by a bomb in Witham) 2. Reg Barber 3. Jack Harvey
4. Bob Danford 5. Kenny Bishop 6 W.E. Fairweather 7. J. Newby
Middle row: 1. 2. unidentified 3. Philip Newby 4. 5. unidentified
Front row: 1. unidentified 2. Havers 3. 4. unidentified
Signed and printed right bottom: J. S. Waddell, Hayling Studios, Leiston.

18. ‘ Angel Bowls Club on Angel Green behind the Angel Hotel’
Framed black & white photgraphic print.

19. ‘The White Lion’
Framed black and white pencil drawing.
Former Halesworth public house, now a private dwelling.

20. ‘ Champion Bullock of England. Weighing 1¼ tons. Xmas 1919’
Framed black & white photographic print. 250 x 294mm.
Two men are shown holding a prize bullock on a country road; Mr Woods, on the right, owned what is now Palmers, the butchers.

21. Photograph of gentleman believed to be Herbert Stanford, Halesworth Member of Parliament 1906.
Framed mounted black & white photographic print. 210 x 150mm
Taken at Halesworth cattle market

22. Advertisement for livestock sale. circa 10 April 1929
Framed printed notice. 325 x 135mm.
Donated by Miss P. Stanford.

23. ‘Quay Street, Halesworth’
Framed photographic copy of postcard view.

‘Robert Titlow’s funeral, Quay Street to cemetary 3/10/1898’
Framed, mounted sepia photographic print. 90 x 140mm.
Bottom left, Artis and Vivians and bottom right, Halesworth & Yoxford.

Robert Titlow was a draper where the hospice charity shop is now in the Thoroughfare. He died suddenly on 3rd October 1898. The funeral procession includes representatives of the V. B. Suffolk Regiment, of which he had been Battalion Quartermaster Sergeant and the Prudence Lodge of Freemasons, of which he was a member. He was also a chorister at St Mary’s Church. A copy of the Halesworth General Advertsier report of the funeral, 11th October 1898, is in the Museum Local Family History File A-Z.

25. ‘An outing setting off from outside The Hawk public house’
Framed sepia photographic print. 152 x 205mm
The sign on the front of the pub says, ‘Colchester Brewing Company Limited/Wines Sparkling Ales and Stout’; a board over the door says ‘Charles Cowles’, who was publican 1896-1914; on the handcart is painted ‘W.S. Brown Family Grocer, of Quay Street 1892. The photograph hung in The Hawk until its closure.

26. ‘Mr Smith, Veterinary Surgeon, Chediston Street’
Framed mounted sepia photographic print. 190 x 155mm
Mr Smith is shown with another man and a bicycle; a board advertising the veterinary surgeon is on the left. Kelly’s Directories show Sydney Smith, Vet, Chediston Street 1858-1874, and James Francis, Vet, 16 Chediston Street 1879-1932.

27. ‘The Oriental’
Framed painting.
Former Halesworth public house, now M.R. King showroom.

28. ‘Dietary of Casuals’
Paper and cardboard printed notice. 640 x 500
Printed by Shaw & Sons Ltd, Fetter Lane, London EC4
Public Assistance Order stating the diet for casuals under the Public assistant Orders 1931 and 1939. From Bulcamp, Blything Poor Law Institution.

When Blythburgh Hospital was a workhouse, tramps or casuals were lodged in a separate area. After 1930, when the workhouse became a Poor Law Institution, tramps or casuals were ‘detained’ in the casual ward. This notice sets out their diet – breakfast, dinner, supper. It also sets out the tasks they were required to carry out each day.

29. Stonemason with carving and work tools
Framed copy of black & white photographic print.

30. Medals of James Constance.
Framed mounted.

31. ‘Order appointing George W. Stanford as an Officer in the Territorial Forces’ 1916.
Framed paper document. 320 x 417mm
Donated by Miss P. Stannard.

32. ‘Testimonial written for Mr Charles Etheridge Postman for 30 years for Halesworth’
Framed hand-written calligraphy on paper. 265 x 162mm
The testimonial reads: ‘Mr Etheridge. We whose names are appended desire to express to you our fellowship and ask your acceptance of the accompanying gift as a token of our esteem and respect and we trust that you may long be spared to enjoy your well earned pension.
32 residents names are listed. Dated 18 June 1921.
Pencilled on the reverse: ‘Loan Mrs Etheridge, 12 Jubillee Court, Lansbury Road, Halesworth.’

33. ‘Halesworth Girls’ School’ circa 1902
Framed black and white photograph. 143 x 197mm
Rows of 56 schoolgirls, most wearing white overalls.

34. ‘Wedgewood Plaques of William and Joseph Hooker’
Framed. 220 x 350mm. Blue porcelain with white silhouettes.
Both were botanists and became Directors of Kew Gardens.

35. ‘Halesworth Area School 1932’
Framed mounted sepia photographic print. 168 x 270mm
Four rows of children; teacher Mr Punchard.

On top shelf:

36. Precautions. AW Bombs’
Black and white metal notice.

37. ‘Instructions for United Kingdom Warning & Monitoring System.
            Hand-operated siron; instructions for use.’
Metal sign mounted on wood.

38. ‘Percy Sallows: Gamekeeper’
Coloured print on card.

Pictures 3

On lower shelf:

39. ‘Bridge Street Maltings’  circa 1890
Framed black & white copy of photographic print.

40. ‘London Road, Halesworth’
Framed black & white copy  of postcard.

41. ‘Waveney Valley Dwile Flonking Association’
Framed black & white photographic print.
The pastime of dwile flonking (also dwyle flunking) involves two teams, each taking a turn to dance around the other while attempting to avoid a beer-soaked dwile (cloth) thrown by the non-dancing team.
“Dwile” is a knitted floor cloth, from the Dutch dweil, meaning “mop”, and “flonk” is probably a corruption of flong, an old past tense of fling.

42. ‘T.C. Stebbings & Sons Ltd shop’
Framed black & white copy of photographic print.

43. ‘Halesworth Brewers XI 1912’
Framed photographic print. 215 x 266mm
11 men in shirts and shorts with a football outside a clubhouse. The brewers lost the match.
See also, No. 9

44. Framed black & white copy of photographic print. 265 x 214mm
Policemen round the grave of Ebenezer Tye, a policeman who was murdered in Halesworth. 25 November 1862. Printed on the gravestone is: “This stone is erected by members of the East Suffolk Constabulary in memory of Ebenezer Tye who served as a constable in the above force and who lost his life in the performance of his duty in the town of Halesworth.”

45. Publication by Farmer & Stock Breeder’ 19/10/1954
Framed newspaper article. 136 x 325mm

On chairs:

46. ‘Rayner Green Resource Centre’ c1996
Framed mounted colour photographic print.

47. ‘Southwold Railway’
Copy of architect drawing plan.

48. ‘Patrick Stead Hospital, Halesworth. Perspective View. From the Southwest’
Copy of journal page. The Builder: Oct. 30 1880.
Henry Hall FRIBA, Architect, 19 Doughty St. London WC

49. ‘Blythburgh Village Shop, with people and horse and cart’ c1880
Mounted black and white photographic print. 281 x 438mm
P363 (P364)