1970s Project


 The 1970’s project is now over, we had a great time doing it – these web pages have been kept up for a bit longer……..

Saving the Seventies,  Halesworth-style

Do you still have an Abba song running through your head? Do you remember the 3-Day Week or the Queen’s Silver Jubilee? Where were you on the day Elvis died. Or when Margaret Thatcher reached No 10?

We were talking about the Seventies!

During 2013 and 2014 we were involved in a ‘Saving the Seventies Project’ which included activities with partner organisations  from the Association of Suffolk Museums and Hertfordshire County Council.    For our own particular Project  we created a timeline showing the changes in Halesworth, and in the wider world, during this time.  In Halesworth and the villages around things were changing in the ’70s: The Town Swimming Pool, the Apollo Centre and Jubilee Court all opened, there were new houses going up, new types of local government.    Click here to view this Timeline

Our 70’s project involved hundreds of people – volunteers and members of the public – in a wonderful act of ‘community reminiscence’ of that decade.  There were exhibitions and displays and many people were interviewed and their memories of that time captured for posterity.  Click here to see some of the highlights of the Project.

At the end of the project, the events of that decade in Halesworth, and the memories of those who lived through them, were brought together in a Halesworth and District Museum publication ‘Halesworth in the Seventies – Getting it Together’ written by the Project Director, Vic Gray.  Copies of this book are available for sale at the Halesworth and District Museum.