Robbie Page’s Photographs

Unlocking Halesworth’s Photographic Treasure-Trove

Robbie Page, a Halesworth schoolmaster and camera-enthusiast, took photographs of Halesworth life, events and people for more than thirty years from 1964. The pictures he left – nearly 20,000 of them – provide a uniquely rich tapestry of Halesworth life in a period of great change. After his death, his photographs were gifted to Halesworth and District Museum.

Sadly, despite their value and interest, they only survived as negatives, making them difficult to consult and appreciate. The Museum is now keen to unlock the content so that they can be enjoyed by the people of the town.

With the help of a generous grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, and work of our volunteers,  the Museum has been digitising  these images, so that they can be displayed in the Museum, on-line and at exhibitions around the area.   Many were displayed at events staged during the Halesworth ‘Saving the Seventies Project’ both in Halesworth and surrounding villages.  The comments and recollections of those who viewed them have been captured and  added to our database.

As the next stage in our work,  we will be making our database of images  more easily available for people to access and view.

Some of Robbie’s Pictures
Halesworth Caravel
Halesworth Happy Hours
Bus Crossing Bridge
Palmers the Butchers