Salvation Army, Halesworth

SA LogoWhere did the Salvation Army meet? in 1916 they met in tne Mission Hall and by 1935 they met in the Salvation Army Hall. We have a two pictures which are credited to have been taken in the Salvation Army Hall.

chediston st 25 inch 1925 v2This is a reconstruction based on a 25 inch OS Map and an aerial photograph of 1935.

aerial view mission hall 1935

P902.13.22 P902.13.21
Chediston Street (1954) showing the Golden Ball Pub a unknown wooden building and the Salvation Army Hall, the Scout Hall is set back from the road and is not visible. (From the Museum collection.)

There has been a discussion on the Views of Old Halesworth Facebook page. One person says, “The salvation hall was next to the scout hall. Golden Ball was further up after Calvers corn merchants. I was born in the Golden Ball.” Another one said, “My father *** lived in Cherry Bowl, as it was once known, and he said the green hut was the salvation army hall and later the scouts hall.”

Halesworth Corps opened in August 1887. The War Cry (weekly Army newspaper) first mentions Halesworth in a short report published 27 August 1887. Here is  a scan of the article referred to.


1887, August – Salvation Army Corps, Halesworth Opened (War Cry 27 August 1887)

1916   (Kellys) (Under places of worship) – Mission Room Chediston Street, Sun 6.30 (no actual mention of the Salvation Army though).

1925, 8 February – Dedication Certificate of Audrey Phyllis Moss – Major Robert Dabrymple.

1927, 13th February – Cradle Roll Certificate – Audrey Moss – Commanding Officer – Stephen Axford, Young People’s Sergeant Major – Hilda M Sago

cradle rollAudry lived in London Road

1929, Christmas – Christmas Greetings from Lieut. Commissioner and Mrs Cuthbert.

1935   (Gales) – Salvation Army Hall: Officer Capt. Henry Smith

Hours of Service:
Sundays, 3 & 6.45 pm, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 7.30pm, Sunday School 10.00 am and 2 pm, Mothers Meeting Thursday 3pm

1937   (Kellys)   Salvation Army Hall, 91-94 Chediston Street, Officers: Capt. & Mrs Ball – hours of service as above but no Tuesday Meeting

1938    (Gales) Salvation Army, Officers, Capt. A Carr & Lieut. L Henry – hours as above

1939    (Gales) Salvation Army, Officers, Capt. & Mrs Brumby – hours as above

1940   (Gales) Salvation Army, Officers, Capt. Marke & Lieut. Summers – hours as above

1941   (Gales) Salvation Army, Officer, Capt. Robson – hours as above

1942   (Gales) Salvation Army, Officer, Capt. Scales – hours as above

1943   (Gales) Salvation Army, Officer – all as above

1944   (Gales) Salvation Army, Officer, Lieutenant Haydon – hours as above

1945   (Gales) Salvation Army, Officer, Capt. Box – hours as above

1946   (Gales) Salvation Army, Officer, Commandant Holmes – hours as above except during week now Tuesday & Thursday

1947   (Gales) Salvation Army, Officer: Vacant – hours as above

1948   (Gales) Salvation Army, Officer, Mr C W Clarke, The Limes, Halesworth

1949   (Gales) Salvation Army – all as above

1950   (Gales) Salvation Army, Officer in Charge: Lieutenant R Spittles, Chediston Street

1951   (Gales) Salvation Army, Officer, Mrs Elizabeth McCartney (Envoy), Chediston Street, hours as above, Boys Band Practice Tuesday 6.30 Band Leader R B Dockerill, 7 Bridge Street

1952   (Gales) Salvation Army, Officer Mrs MCartney (Envoy) No meetings during the week. Home League now 7.30 Thursday

1953   (Gales) Salvation Army, Officer, Envoys E & B Wilee, Chediston Street

1963 – Salvation Army Corp, Halesworth closed 18 June 1963
Gladys & Elmer with Halesworth flag - they met there in 1943 566We have the Halesworth Banner in the Museum now.

From Ivan Sparks History of Halesworth

The Salvation Army had services in Halesworth, in a room in Quay Street from about 1907; they left in 1908 and the room was then used by the Life Brigade. Marjory Lewis believes this was the room over Benson’s cycle shop, which was later used as a Youth Club.
The Salvation Army were back in the town in 1933, having taken over the Church Mission Hall, with Captain E Green and Lieutentant E Bexley in charge. A wide range of services were undertaken. In the first year Sunday Services were held at 11 am, 3 pm and 6.45 pm, with Sunday School for the children at 10 am and at 2 pm. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays services were held at 7.30 pm and the Mothers’ Meeting took place on Thursdays at 3 pm.
The Leaders changed almost every year, but in 1947/1948 Mr C W Clarke of the Limes, Halesworth was in charge. A boys Band was introduced in 1950, with Mr R B Dockerill of 7 Bridge Street acting as Band Leader. In 1949, Lieutenant R Spittles was the leader for one year and she came back to be the last of the succession of leaders when the services discontinued in 1963.