Study Room

The Study Room offers visitors and museum volunteers alike the opportunity to research the family and community history of Halesworth and surrounding area and there is a variety of resources available for this purpose.

We have copied pages from local trade directories 1793 to 1967 which enables the researcher to trace individuals and trades relevant to Halesworth.  We have files containing information about individuals who lived in Halesworth and the surrounding area which is constantly being updated and general files on local subjects alphabetically arranged.  We are lucky to have amongst our collection burial records of Halesworth Cemetery carefully collated by the Halesworth WI.  We are also currently developing files which contain research on the various buildings in Halesworth.

We have a database available logging all newspapers and cuttings currently held at the Museum which are readily available.  There is a database containing details on all the public houses in Halesworth and the surrounding area from past and present. Any new information is very much welcomed.  Also in the study room is a database containing all the objects and photographs housed in the museum, both on display and stored upstairs.

There are other files, census return copies, Halesworth railway information and a collection of books and maps selected to aid family and community history research.

In addition to all of this the Museum is always happy to undertake research on behalf of anyone interested in Halesworth’s rich and interesting past.

Museum Library
The Museum has a library of books of local interest as well as some general books on history and archaeology. Our catalogue is sorted in three orders, author, title and museum location (the prefix of sr indicates that the book is in the study room and available without . Click the text below to download a pdf document:

Author Order   –  Title Order  –  Museum Location Order

Newspaper Collection
We have a colection of news papers, mostly copies and cuttings from the Halesworth Times. You can download our Newspaper Cataloge by clicking here: Newspapers Index. If you want to look at any of our news papers can you book in advance, as they are kept in our secure store.

Halesworth Boys’ School Admission Book
Download admissions from 1859 to 1862:   Admission Order  –   Surname Order