The ‘MALT’ Research Team

Are you interested in Halesworth’s past? Does industrial archaeology fascinate you? Would you like to learn skills in historical research? If the answer is yes to any of these, read on.

As part of the Heritage Lottery-funded ‘Malt’ project to create a display in The Cut (a former maltings) and a ‘Malting Trail’ throughout Halesworth, a volunteer team is needed to unearth the history of the trade in this area. The results of their work will feed into the display, the trail and the various other activities which form part of the project.

What will the Research Team be doing?
The goals are:

  • To chart the history of malting and malt buildings from earliest times
  • To understand the processes involved in malting and how they were operated within buildings of different types
  • To locate on the ground the sites of malting activity: (a) in Halesworth, and (b) in N.E. Suffolk
  • To explore archive sources which relate to the malting trade
  • To locate historical images of malting-related buildings and activities
  • To photograph remaining malting structures in N E Suffolk
  • To locate and interview surviving workers in the malting industry
  • To complete short biographies of those involved in the malting trade in this area
  • To complete short histories of each of the maltings in Halesworth
  • To identify and define features in The Cut which reflect the malting process and trade.
  • To place malting in Halesworth in the context of wider malting history in East Anglia

What skills are we looking for?
Enthusiasm and commitment are more important than existing skills. Training will be given in most of the areas of research listed above. These skills may well stand volunteers in good stead for pursuing other historical interests in the future.

How much time will be involved?
The project has a limited timescale and the work of the research team will be vital to the success of other elements of the project. The main period of activity will therefore be at the start of the project period, from May to October 2016, but work will continue thereafter as needs are identified. As a broad indicator, volunteers might usefully give three hours a week in the first phase, but this is a flexible target. Some may want to commit more, others less. There will be no commitment to regular weekly sessions.

Where will I be working?
Some of the work will be done in the Museum or in The Cut. There will be opportunities for some volunteers to travel to Lowestoft or Ipswich Record Offices and for others to explore surviving maltings around North East Suffolk. Travel expenses will be paid.

Are you interested?
Contact Vic Gray, Heritage Lead, MALT Heritage Project: Tel. 01986 872437;

Quay Street MaltingsMaltings in Quay Street in 1883, note the maltings in the New Cut and in Station Yard are still to be built. The other malting was the Gearge Maltings, neat the Angel Link roundabout.