The Wissett Hoards


Early in 2011 two hoards of Bronze Age axe heads, spears and a rapier blade were discovered in Wissett by Chris Frost and Marilyn Throssell, two responsible metal detectorists. The hoards were found about nine feet apart.The second hoard was excavated fully by the County Archaeological Team and careful expert examination of the objects has shown them to be over three thousand years old, dating to the Middle Bronze Age (c.1500-1150BC). It is most unusual to find two hoards so close together and the evidence, from the identical alloy used in both, is that they are contemporary with each other. Furthermore, this is being seen as a very significant find as several of the items are of a type that have never been found together.

In all fifteen objects have been authenticated by the British Museum and have been given a valuation of £4,300.

These are really exciting discoveries for our area and have now been purchased by the Halesworth and District Museum.

Back from Conservation (March 2014)
The two hoards are now reunited back in the Museum after being conserved. That’s Phase 2 finished.

Hoard 1 conservered small Hoard 2 conservered small


We thank the following organisations who, together with a large number of individuals, helped us to purchase and conserve the Wissett Hoards.

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The Skinners’ Company Lady Neville Charity
Halesworth Lions
The Scarfe Charitable Trust
The Association for Suffolk Museums