Town Model and ‘Virtual Tudor Tour’ of Halesworth

Wouldn’t you like a time-machine to take you back into Tudor Halesworth?

We want to make that possible. The Halesworth and District Museum has commissioned local model-maker Nigel Purdy to build a model of our town as it was in the year 1530. This picture of St. Mary’s Church and Steeple End gives you an idea of how the buildings will look. Once completed, it will be an attractive and informative feature in the Museum for young and old alike.Church in Model

But in this age of electronic wonders, a new and fascinating prospect has opened up. Nigel has recently been working on a ‘virtual model’ of a monastic site in Norfolk. Through the wonders of 3-dimensional computer modelling (yes, you’ve seen it on ‘Time Team’), you’ll be able to take an imaginary trip around the site, viewing the buildings from eye-level as well as ‘from the air’.  Wouldn’t it be great to do this for Tudor Halesworth?

And we can do it – with your help. We have raised substantial funds for constructing the model but we’d love to go on and complete the job with this hi-tech digital reconstruction.

The two together will provide a unique interpretation of the Tudor town and will be of especial interest to local schools and to the younger people who we badly need to encourage into the museum.

The purpose of this letter, therefore, is to ask you if you wold like to be a part of this exciting project. We can’t do it without your generosity. The model will cost £2,500 and the Virtual Tour another £1,500. We have been lucky enough to secure generous donations amounting to £500 to kick off the appeal for what will, we are sure, be great assets to our Museum.

If you would like to help with as much or as little as you can afford, please send your donation to the Museum, using the attached form. All donors who so wish will have their names recorded.

Click here to download the Tudor Halesworth Model appeal form

March 2015 – update

I have been asked to give an update on the progress of the model and whether the ‘Fly Through’ part of this project will be achievable.

We have raised 30% of the funds to pay for the model, which is about 20% for the model and ‘fly-through’ together. The model is almost complete and the voice recording for the model will start very soon, so progress is going well.

Thanks to all who have contributed so far. If you want to contribute, there is still time.

Here is a picture of the electronics….