Cookley Roman Silver Coin Hoard

Date of Discovery: 19/8/2018

Circumstances of discovery:  The Cookley Romam Silver Coin Hoard was discovered on the 19th of August 2018 by a metal detectorist, detecting on a cultivated field with the landowner’s permission. He initially discovered twelve silver denarii, and on returning to the field the next day dug out another 48 from some depth – apparently around 18 inches. The initial finds were spread ‘a few yards’, but those recovered deeper appear to have been unfortunately dug out of an archaeological context. No pottery sherds were observed by the finder, and thus it seems probable that the coins were buried in an organic container that had since disintegrated. The closely packed nature of the coins is demonstrable by the base-metal traces that have leached to the surfaces of the coins during burial and mutually encrusted/stained each other. Having recovered what appeared to be all the coins, the finder reported the hoard on the 22nd of August and transported it to the SCCAS offices on the 5th of September, where they were identified and a report written.

Description: The hoard consists of 60 denarii dating from 153 BC to AD 60–1. Of the coins, 58 appear to be solid silver and two are silver-plated copies with iron or ferrous metal cores.

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